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Chris is the Co-Owner of Deadly Hosting along with Matt, here is a list of duties;

Server and Network Admin
Server Specialist
Web Hosting Admin
Rep Manager
Database Manager

Chris is mainly the company technical expert. He is in charge of keeping the servers in good order, hunting down server side problems, tweaking them and making them run better and more stable. Chris also is in charge of the company database and the company servers to keep the admin section of the whole company running including trying to keep the database in full working order and more ways to improve the work flow of the company. Another of Chris' jobs is head of reps. Chris is in charge of all the reps and every week gives out new jobs to them. He is also responsible for firing and hiring recruits and giving training sessions to new recruits. When he is not working he likes to play MOHAA + SH + BT, BF1942, Desert Combat, Half life & Mods, RTCW & ET and Americas Army. Chris is from London England and you can talk to him at [email protected]


Matt is the co-manager of the company along with Chris. Here is a list of Matt's duties:

Voice Server Admin
Finances Manager
Company Liaison
Control Panel Admin

If you ever have any problems with your voice server or remote console then talk to matt, although Chris will be more the happy to help you if Matt is not available. He deals with all of the company finances and tracks all of the income and out goings. As company liaison, Matt usually talks to most of technicians about getting help and the data center about new deals and such alike. Matt knows basic programming like PHP/My SQL and a few small bits of .ASP Matt likes to play a verity of online games including CoD, MOHAA, Desert Combat and Americas Army. Matt is also located in London, England, 3 houses away from Chris in fact and can be contacted on [email protected]


Paul is our Head Sales Rep and he is in charge of all of teh otehr sales reps. He has been a member of Deadly Hosting for a while now and is good at getting us sales. He knows where gamers hang out and what they like to do and so can get a lot of sales in for the company. Paul is from Delaware and can be reached at [email protected]


Daniel has only been at Deadly Hosting a short time but has already manged to get us quite a few sales. Daniel is friends with alot of gamers and he hangs around in a lot of gamer hang outs. He knows what gamers wants, and how to get them. He is a very active member of Deadly Hosting and we are looking forward to many happy sales from him.


Jason has been with a the company since the beggining and has done alot of work for us in the past. He has has a bit of time off recently with computer problems and so forth, but now he is comming back stronger and getting us more sales in. He is a much needed of the team and we welcome his work. Jason is from from South Carolina and can be reached at [email protected]